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Chicago Rock City - Walter's Walk
December 6th, 2010
12:52 pm


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Chicago Rock City
From the November 13th Economist:
Substantial rivals for Mr Emanuel are surprisingly few. Jesse Jackson junior, a congressman, 
says he will not run. He has been criticised for ties to a blonde and to Rod Blagojevich, 
the disgraced ex-governor, thankfully in separate incidents.
Tom Dart, a sheriff whom many thought a favourite, withdrew from the running in October 
for family reasons. One new entrant is Cynthia  Plaster Caster, who used to make moulds of 
rock stars' genitalia. She is unlikely to gather enough signatures, despite her persuasive 
If she somehow wins, she will be the first mayor of a major US city since Irvine's Beth Krom to have a Kiss song named for them.
(Rumors that Christine Sixteen is about an unfortunate incident involving Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson are perhaps unfounded.)

And turning the page, parachuting into the middle of some other article found:
The new amendment will provide clearer, enforceable standards. It allows no more than 50 
breeding bitches in any one facility.
The FLDS will probably protest, but I think this is a good compromise.




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